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(Mozhaisky Sergei)
12.12.2007 (13:14)

At last, next beta version of Frenzy released.

Here are most important changes since 1.0-release:

* Base system is FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE, Xorg updated to 7.3.
* System totally moved to unionfs file system organization,
you can edit almost all files after boot.
* Added Frenzy Extension Module support, utility for
FEM creation is avaiable on FTP server.
* Added ability to boot from ISO-file on HDD
* Boot options with disabled ATAPI DMA or ATA DMA
* Loader option "mode" (select console resolution)
* Loader option "sound" (sound card autodetection)
* Added options for work with serial console
* gcc removed from base system, it will be available as FEM module.
* Added more than 100 applications, among them ntfs-3g :)
* Removed 18 applications.

You may download ISO from official FTP:

MD5 (frenzy-1.1-std-en-BETA3.iso) = f3850e7b1645a2d7de8f285c26f796df

I'll wait for bugreports :)

13.12.2007 (08:33)

Hi - just d/loaded Beta3 - **excellent work!** Many thanks for doing this!
- Andy (from New Zealand :-) )

14.12.2007 (14:38)

Thank you for providing Frenzy 1.1 standard BETA3. Thought Frenzy was dead (although Frenzy 1.0 is still runing nicely on my HD!) but am glad I am wrong.

Thank you and congratulations! Looks marvellous at first sight because of unionfs and new bootoptions.

Have three questions :
1. opera is not reaching the web, I guess because of ipv-problems. Is there a means to disable ipv6 globally or for opera?
2. no video? is "mplayer" and its codecs available as a module?
3. how to creat those 'FEM'?

Thank you for kind attention

16.12.2007 (21:37)

Hi thank you for Frenzy 1.1, its working fine for me! Good job!

18.12.2007 (18:30)


first many thanks for frenzy 1.0 which was of great help when a first time installation of 6.2 on some rather ancient machine (500 Mhz Pentium III/ Dell) in a dual disk/ dual boot configuration went bad: booting with `frenzy' I finally was able to get grub into place on both disks and its running now.

so, out of curiosity I gave frenzy 1.1 beta3 a try. this does *not* work:
I get a fatal error during boot and then frenzy starts rebooting again and again.

this is just intended as a notification, that there *is* a problem.
sorry for not being specific but my internet access is *here* the BSD machine elsewhere w/o internet and I did'nt write the error down. if you are interested I can do that of course.

5.01.2008 (01:48)

Hey GREAT BSD based live distro !
Fluxbox is F-A-S-T !!!
Sysadmin tools are GREAT !
Check my Linux / BSD Blog ...
I will post a cool review soon :0)

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
5.01.2008 (21:02)

Replying in batch mode :)

1. No, there is no such feature. Are you sure that it is a really ipv6 problem?
2. Mplayer and lot of other multimedia tools was removed, instead of them added different sysadmin tools, since Frenzy is a sysadmin-oriented distro :)

I've got many reports on fatal error 9 (general protection fault) while booting Frenzy. Currently I have no idea why it happens, now I investigating this issue.

11.01.2008 (11:44)

Thank you for your kind attention.
1. am wondering : guess it is an ipv6 problem.
2. Frenzy is a sysadmin-oriented distro. Agree! But adding some audio / video programs is not a bad idea in my eyes.
3. pkg2fem-0.1.tgz. The how-to is in Russian I guess. Could you please provide an English translation.

Thank you

21.01.2008 (06:29)

Hi techniX it seems that Putty does not work for me it crashes everytime i try to connect, SSH is working though.

24.01.2008 (04:13)

Wireshark is not working due to missing kerberos shared library.

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