Frenzy is a "portable system administrator toolkit," LiveCD based on FreeBSD. It generally contains software for hardware tests, file system check, security check and network setup and analysis. Size of ISO-image is 200 MBytes (3" CD)

Frenzy 1.4 (alto sax)


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Egor Vershinin released Frenzy 1.4, it is based on FreeBSD 8.3 and available only in lite version.
English version of this release is avaliable on our FTP.
We also moved our source repository to Github.
Frenzy 1.3 is out. It's based on FreeBSD 8.1 and available in 2 versions: lite and standard.
Author of this build is Egor Vershinin. English version of this build is avaliable on our FTP (mini and standard version).
Frenzy 1.2 reincarnation (community release) is out. It's based on FreeBSD 8.0 and available in 2 versions: lite and standard.
This is a first version of Frenzy that's made not by me - author of this build is Egor Vershinin. You can read more on project's website (russian only).
English version of this build is avaliable on our FTP (lite and standard version).
At last, Frenzy 1.1 released. See release notes for further information.
This is a final release of Frenzy, I'm discontinue development of this project.
Frenzy 1.1 standard RC1 is out. Read more in forum, see a screenshot or view software list.
The development goes on, and we are moving to 1.1-RC1. Most critical bugs with unionfs was fixed, and now it works fine. However, we still use FreeBSD 6.x as a base system, since moving to 7.0 will slow down release process. For now we have usable unionfs filesystem organization and working FEM system. I plan to release RC1 until end of May 2008.
Frenzy 1.1 standard BETA3 is available. Read more in forum.
After a long period of silence I will continue development of Frenzy.
Next version of Frenzy will be more sysadmin-oriented (most of desktop applications will be removed). Installation to HDD also will be disabled.
Since we have usable unionfs in FreeBSD now, Frenzy will heavily use its' advantages. The most notable feature is Frenzy Extension Modules (FEM), which allow to add applications to LiveCD/LiveUSB without rebuilding (you may see similar feature in Damn Small Linux and SLAX).
Now I am working on test builds. Public beta build of Frenzy 1.1 will be available soon.
Some info about future release of Frenzy 1.1.
The date of release depends of FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE, since Frenzy 1.1 will be based on it. I plan to release 1.1 in November 2006.
The mostly notable feature is FEM - Frenzy Extension Module system, which allows to add software to LiveCD without modifying CD itself, it is similar to SLAX modules and Damn Small Linux MyDSL system. You may download "technology demo" here. Software collection will be updated, bugs of 1.0 will be fixed (most of them already fixed in SVN)
Frenzy project was registered on SourceForge ( So we have now English mailing list (subscribe here), SubVersion repository (view here) and other services provided by SourceForge.
Andrei Raevsky wrote a review of Frenzy 1.0. Read this review.
Frenzy:lite 1.0 released. This version of Frenzy contains only text-mode utilities (see package list).
Download ISO (49.4 Mb).
On Distrowatch Weekly there is a review of FreeBSD-based LiveCD. Frenzy is a clear winner :) Read this article.
Frenzy 1.0-RC2 have been released.
This is the last RC before release. I'm waiting for bug reports - now they are important as never before!
Frenzy 1.0-RC1 have been released. Now English version is available for testing.
Frenzy 1.0-BETA1 have been released. Yes, the "1.0" - I desided to raise major version number due to many improvements. Now available only Russian version of Frenzy, international version will be available soon.
Frenzy 0.4 at last reached alpha stage :) New build script work fine, ISO-image for internal testing was created.
Current we work on:
  • New backup/restore system (because of some changes in LiveCD filesystem structure)
  • Configuration center (rewritten in Perl, with modular structure)
  • HDD/Flash installer
The work on Frenzy 0.4 is in progress. Some news about future release:
  • FreeBSD 6.0 taken as a base system.
  • Software collection is updated and reviewed. There will be two editions - Frenzy Standard (200 Mb, contains mostly admin tools) and Frenzy Extended (250 Mb). Software like XMMS, MPlayer, AbiWord, XMMS and so on now included only in Extended edition. [ Packages for Standard edition ]
  • All configuration utilities now have unified interface and run via configuration center [ Screenshot ]
  • Build scripts rewritten once again.
  • Frenzy SDK will be released. It will contain build scripts, build environment, system sources, ports tree, distfiles and precompiled packages.
The release date is not determined now, but it is planned to release 0.4 in January 2006. I have not much free time, because I'm a father now - 10 November my son was born :)  [ 11.03.14 09:54 ]

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