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(Mozhaisky Sergei)
28.07.2008 (17:12)

First release candidate of Frenzy 1.1 is out. This is the last stage before release, there will be only bugfixes and patches added to final version.

At last we have stable unionfs, all problems with it fixed.

You may download RC1 from official FTP server:

MD5 (frenzy-1.1-std-en-RC1.iso) = 4ea4b2ce1130218682c300bd5450f99e
Size: 208451584 bytes
Software list:

3.09.2008 (09:37)

frbk does not work.

I am afraid frbk does nothing when I choose "backup".

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
23.09.2008 (22:45)

You're right, it's my fault, I've put to package not last version of script :(
If you wish, in RC1 you can do backup archives with 'frbk-create' script and copy them manually where you want to.

20.12.2008 (08:01)

I feel sad when you saya that you will discountinue this project after the latest Frenzy 1.1 version. Don't you have any friend that could help you on this project?

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
20.12.2008 (21:27)

Right now there is no one who wants to continue Frenzy develoment.
I hope someone will appear sooner or later :)

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