Frenzy 1.1 - release notes

This documents describes changes relative to Frenzy 1.0 only.

UnionFS and FEM

In 1.1 added unionfs support (thanks to Daichi Goto's patches). This change allowed to optimize system loading and working, also it gives ability to change (almost) any file on LiveCD after boot.

Also we introduce FEM (Frenzy Extension Modules) system, which allow to plug-in additional software without rebuilding ISO image. When booting, Frenzy searches FEM modules on CD, hard drives and USB flash keys, then plugs found modules to system - now you can use software in these modules. To create FEM modules you can use pkg2fem tools (download), which can create FEM module from one or more FreeBSD packages.

New features

Now Frenzy can be booted from ISO image on hard drive. For this ability you may put Frenzy ISO image to 'frenzy' directory on any hard drive partition. When booting from CD and selecting option 'fromhdd', base system will be loaded from ISO image on hard drive.

Added options to boot with DMA disabled on ATAPI or ATA devices, this sometimes helps when problems with CD reading occurs on some devices.

Added parameters to loader menu:

Added feature to use FAT partition as boot partition (experimental). This allows to boot Frenzy from FAT partitions using grub4dos.

frlang does not try to edit .Xdefaults and .xxkbrc, if there are no such files
frmount: when mounting partitions, users of 'wheel' group also might write to them.

Bug fixes


Gcc and named removed from base system.

Added software: IMHear, aimsniff, arp-sk, aslookup, asused, bacula-client, bash, bashburn, bcrypt, bfbtester, cdpr, cdrdao, cfv, chaosreader, chgrep, clamtk, clonehdd, corkscrew, ddclient, ddrescue, deb2targz, dns-proxy-tor, dnsutl, dosdetector, empty, etrace, etunnel, evtviewer, feh, ffs2recov, fl0p, flowgrep, fpdns, fusefs-curlftpfs, fusefs-ntfs (ntfs-3g), fusefs-smbnetfs, fwipe, ghtool, grepcidr, gsfv, gsnmp, gspoof, hcfmdm, hinfo, iat, iffinder, ifstat, installwatch, integrit, ipex, irrtoolset, isnprober, isomaster, ldapsh, lockdown, macutils, mapchan, mping, mrxvt, mtf, nast, netscript, netsed, netspoc, nettest, nipper, nstreams, ntraceroute, omnitty, passlogd, pathload, pathrate, pdfcrack, pktstat, prips, proxychains, py-fchksum, pynids, raddump, rarcrack, remarp, rfstool, rshell, rsync, sasp, sbd, scdp, screenie, sdig, searchmonkey, secure_delete, shelldap, shmux, shttpscanner, sjitter, sloth, smap, smtpmap, spoofer, super-smack, sysbench, tableutil, tcpcat, tcpdstat, tcpick, tcplist, tcpreen, udptunnel, unfoo, urlendec, vchat, vnccrack, vpnc, wakeonlan, wapiti, weplab, xferstats, xspy, yersinia.

Removed software: abck, arpwatch, binkd, deco-e, diskprep, dsniff, gkrellm2, gmake, gq, gtkpasman, knocker, linneighborhood, magictun, mcabber, miniperl, mtoolsfm, nettop, nmapfe, portscanner, pwl9x, pwman, samba, screentest, snortsnarf, tct, vomit, wistumbler2, xfsprogs, xli

Replaced: aircrack → aircrack-ng, ethereal → wireshark, centericq → centerim

Specially for Frenzy was written and added to release 'device_checker' tool for checking disks on badblocks presence.

FEM modules with additional software can be downloaded here:  [ 07.12.08 21:18 ]

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